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Made for green thumbs, this box is a great help in growing your garden. Quickly expand your collection by rooting stems trimmed from many of your plants and feel how to be a proud plant mama.

  • Plant Friendly: It will never damage the parent plant at all. All you need is a small branch on the plant you wish to clone, creating little to no disturbance on your mother plant’s natural growth.
  • Fast Result: Reproduce your plants faster than the normal method. It will help you propagate full-grown plants in half the time it takes than when you start from seed. 
  • Healthy Growth: This is designed to give sufficient water and sunlight, thus developing stronger roots, and ensuring the healthy growth of your baby plants. 
  • Reusable: Made from durable materials so you can use it repeatedly. It is also Built with stoppers that lock and secure it in place. 
  • Economical: No need to buy new plants, this technique will expand your garden collection without breaking the bank. Reproduce your lovely plants as often as you like.