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The most convenient way to keep your car clean from spills, dust, and even reaching for that lost earring under the car seat. This car vacuum is small but packs power to keep every corner of your car squeaky clean.

  • Ergonomic design. The hand-held design allows cleaning up places that a normal vacuum can’t reach. Small but powerful, it comes with an extension hose and 4 specialized nozzles to meet all your car cleaning needs.
  • Washable and reusable filter. The filters are completely washable and reusable. No additional cost for new filters and you can vacuum both wet and dry surfaces easily and conveniently.
  • Multiple filtering systems. Built with an innovative filtering system that suctions dirt, keeps it in the airtight dustbin, preventing the dirt from being scattered back to the surface.
  • Efficient and powerful. Made with a turbo-charged Aluminum blade that packs 7KPa strong cyclone suction, this smart vacuum is very efficient and very powerful. It thoroughly and efficiently cleans all dirt and debris hidden in any nooks and corners.
  • Lightweight and space saver. With its size, this handy, lightweight car vacuum can be stored easily and doesn’t take a lot of space inside the car. It can even fit in the dashboard compartment for easy access for when you accidentally spill coffee or drop a doughnut.