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Traveling all the time, either for business and leisure? Sharing an apartment or dorm? Then you definitely need to have this in hand. A portable security lock to keep you safe, give you peace of mind, and have your privacy.

  • Easy To Use: No tools required to install, simply insert the durable metal hook into the door’s strike plate. Its metal teeth secure the lock in place and prevent it from being opened inwards, even with a master key.
  • Effective: I t cannot be picked or jimmied. Even if the knob is broken, it will stay in place and keep you secure.
  • Universal: Designed to fit a wide range of doors. One single small tool that makes you feel like you have your own bodyguard.
  • Added Layer of Security: It's never a bad thing to keep yourself protected, especially if you’re staying in hotels or rentals. You can never be sorry when you always travel prepared.
  • Small and Portable: Light enough to carry anywhere and small enough to keep even in your pocket.