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Fire up the grill! But who’s gonna clean up all the grime? Grilling is fun but there’s always the messy aftermath. Your grill needs to be cleaned, there's no denying that. The mix of open flames and sugary barbecue sauce is a recipe for cooking grates covered in gunk. And since they are often heavy and difficult to clean in a sink, your best bet is this revolutionary grill-cleaning tool.

  • Thorough Cleaning: It’s never a good idea to just leave your grill uncleaned. This effective tool offers a more intensive cleaning with its steam and brush combination. It sterilizes your grill and brushes the mess away.
  • Hygienic Grilling: Always serve clean and tasty food with your spotless grill. Any uncleaned grill is unsanitary and they might affect the taste of food cooked in it in the future
  • Durable: Made from quality stainless steel that is built to last and suitable for cleaning cast iron and steel grill grates .
  • Easy Maintenance: It’s designed for easy cleaning and storage. Equipped with a loop for easy hanging on any wall. 
  • Convenience: It does not only do the job of cleaning and scraping your barbeque equipment, but it also does the job without you having to exert any real effort or putting in a lot of time.