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Achieving beautiful eyes every day is now a reality. With this eyeshadow duo, your eyes will have the perfect and elegant hue in one swipe.

  • Single Swipe Application: Simply swipe once to create a perfect dual-colored eyeshadow without the fussy layering and blending.
  • Waterproof: Formulated with ingredients that make it water-resistant. Rain or sweat will not ruin your elegant eyeshadow makeup.
  • Elegant Shades: Comes with shades that draw attention to your eyes with a bold and indulgent definition. Choose the right colors that fit you or you can have all three combinations to mix and match with your mood and outfit. 
  • Smooth and Velvety: Made with a silky and lustrous texture for a smooth one-swipe application. No clumps or uneven blending and gives your eyes an elegant look all the time.
  • Long-Lasting: Formulated with quality ingredients that stay on perfectly. Your eyes will stay perfect without a need for a touch-up.