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Get your cat moving and playing to stimulate their instincts. They definitely need a variety of toys just like the Windmill Cat Toy. It is great for capturing their attention and encouraging their cute playfulness.

  • Promotes Exercise: This amazing toy encourages your cats to leap and pounce, minimizing health risks and giving them a great workout.
  • Eliminates Boredom: Your furry buddies are naturally curious and crave adventure. This toy stimulates that craving and it is something fun that they would look forward to.
  • Mental Workout: Trigger your cat’s playful side while encouraging mental stimulation. This toy is perfectly engineered to build confidence in your cat’s mental abilities.
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety: Cats are like humans, too. They feel stressed and anxious, especially when you leave them alone at home. Keep them preoccupied with this cool toy to soothe their stress and calm their anxiety.
  • Convenient Design: Equipped with a suction cup that makes the toy stationary and safe for your cats to pounce and play with. It also comes in a rotating windmill design where you can place lights, catnips, treats, or bells to catch their attention.