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Cleaning your car windows is something you constantly mean to do and never get around to it. Every time you hop in and buckle up, your streaky windshield glares back at you begging for attention. Sure, maybe you’ll give the windows a quick wipe once in a while, but you can do better. See more clearly and drive more safely using the Windshield Wiper.

  • Multi-purpose cleaning. From dry-dusting to waxing, and polishing, the WINDSHIELD WIPER is great for making the windows and glasses of your car streak-free, sparkly, and shiny. 
  • High absorbency. The interlocking composition of polyamide and polyester makes this microfiber wiper very efficient. Its high absorbency makes it ideal for cleaning glasses, especially car windshields and windows.
  • Dry-Dust cleaning. The static charge of microfibers that makes up this amazing wiper is perfect for trapping or collecting dust from both the exterior and interior of a car. They do not leave a dust track or streak around and gives your car a sparkling, dust-free finish.
  • Disinfects . It also works well to keep the interiors of cars bacteria-free as the fibers trap bacteria. Use the towels to wipe the steering wheel or dashboard and feel secure that your car is squeaky clean.
  • Enhanced cleaning. Every inch of the  WINDSHIELD WIPER contains thousands of microfibers. This means that their quality is seven times stronger and better than those of other cleaning cloths.