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This genius little tool gives you an instant and convenient way to solve your windshield wiper’s squeaking, smearing, and streaks without the additional expense and time-consuming installation of a new set of wipers each time there’s a little wear .

  • Extended Life: This smart tool can easily maintain the perfect wiping and cleaning edge of your car’s wiper blades for longer than the usual life of any blades.  
  • Efficient : It provides an economical, efficient, and clean way to increase your family’s driving safety. No more streaking, squeaking, and creaking wipers.
  • 30 Second Fix: With a single swipe and a few seconds of your time, the Wiper Restorer brings back the functionality of your wipers. You and your car will always have a renewed, even wiper blade and a clearer view of the road.
  • Economical: This must-have tool works great for you, your car, and your wallet. You won’t have to spend every time there’s a minimal tear, simply have this super cool tool always stashed in your toolbox.
  • Universal Use: Perfectly suitable for restoring windshield wipers of all car types. So easy to use, does not require big space and you are always safe driving under the rain.