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Whether your shoe shrunk, you bought the wrong size, or your feet just got bigger, this smart tool won’t let these things stop you from wearing your favorite shoes. 

  • Get the Perfect Fit: Stretches and expands your shoes for a more perfect and comfortable fit. It works great with suede and leather shoes, also ideal for flexing flats, loafers, oxfords, fabric shoes, and sneakers.
  • 2 Way Stretching: Easily stretch the length or width of your shoe to achieve a cozy fit. It can also stretch both the length and width at the same time, and gently works on your shoes without causing any damage.
  • Targeted Stretching: Equipped with metal plugs to loosen multiple small areas inside your shoe that may be causing you unpleasant pain. This special feature relieves your feet of pain caused by bunions, corns, blisters, and other shoe discomforts.
  • Shoe Shaper: The shoe stretcher helps retain the original form for your footwear, as well as stopping creases from forming and ruining your favorite pair of shoes. It takes care of your shoes and prolongs their lifespan.
  • Easy to Use: To use, simply insert the shoe stretcher into your footwear and twist the handle until the stretcher expands to the desired width or length you need. Then leave overnight to work its magic.